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Voice Services

Voice Services

Telecommunications offers a variety of voice services to assist you with caller direction. Voice menus offer callers a range of options based on individual needs, while ACD queues assist in dealing with high volume areas.

Call Processing

Call Processing is a menu system used by departments to assist callers in reaching a specific area. It is designed for large departments that have numerous calls to a variety of people.

Call Processing allows the callers to choose the area they wish to reach, thereby freeing up the front line
staff to answer general questions and attend to live customers without having to direct incoming calls.

Call Processing Rate Structure and Guidelines
Installation of Call Processing service N/C
Introduction/Main Menu $10.00/month
Listen only box $5.00/month
Transfer to an extension N/C
Submenus $10.00/month
Additional Announcements $5.00 each/month

Please note:

  • Introduction/main menu not to exceed 60 sec. in length
  • Listen only box not to exceed 45 seconds in length
  • No more than 5 choices per menu

There are no specific hardware requirements to utilize this service.

Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)

Automatic Call Distribution, better known as ACD, is a system used by departments that receive
a large number of incoming calls directed to general questions rather than individuals. ACD is designed to allow a small number of agents to receive a large number of calls.

ACD controls the call flow to ensure efficient handling as quickly as possible by competent
agents. ACD automatically routes calls so they are answered in the order of arrival and ensures the workload is equally distributed among the agents.

ACD Rate Structure and Guidelines
Installation of ACD service $100.00 S/C
Introduction Recording $40.00/month
Additional Recording $10.00/month
Night Recording $10.00/month


  • On each set will appear ACD group number, personal extension, make busy key, not ready key, call wait key
  • ACD Supervisor sets will have the ability to monitor agents within the ACD group

If you are interested in any of these services, please contact